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...nature and people of the Carpathian Mountains and foothills...


Welcome to a magical walk through the Carpathian region of nice nature and kind people.

Web serves as an information source about the Carpathians, targeted mainly on less civilized areas of the mountains and foothills. In some cases, the web can be used as a tourist guide with useful text and rich photo documentation.

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The Carpathians are mountains stretching from the edge of Austria through Moravia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine and Romania to the edge of Serbia. The highest mountain of the Carpathians is Slovak Gerlach Peak (2655 m). The name Karpaty probably comes from the base karp, meaning rock or stone.

Using photos without permission is prohibited. If you are interested in my photographs of the Carpathians, please, contact me - info@dusekarpat.cz.